Tomas Kisa Send Off

by Kimberley Bagira
Created Aug 25, 2021 | UK/Uganda
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Thank you for coming to this page.
With a sad and heavy heart, we share the sad news that our father, cousin, nephew, brother, son and friend has gone to heaven. For those of you who know Tomas, you know he was a loving, fun, confident, strong and passionate caring person, he was loved and gave love to all, even if he met you that day! He was an uncle and to some he was a father figure, he had a positive impact on so many children's lives, he was always ready to play a game or take the kids to the park. Tom always had a big smile, welcoming hugs and kisses with a hint of sarcasm, but always with love. Tomas is the definition of pure hearted, he never had a horrible word to say about anyone and we are blessed to have someone like that in our lives, he was our angel who always liked a drink and a good time.
We have opened this page to allow for those of you who are not able to join in on our cultural tradition called Lumbe whereby we gather around and share great (and some not so great but fun) stories of our beloved father, cousin, nephew, brother, son and friend. We also contribute to the family to take care of costs and services to send off with ease and less financial strain on the family dealing with this hard time.
Please feel free to contribute and share what you can, we'd love to hear lovely memories of how you met Tom and share any beautiful memories of Tomas Kisa. We would appreciate raising these funds as soon as possible.
Thank you
  • Kimberley Bagira
    Kimberley Bagira donated Ugx 48,000

    Rest in sweet peace

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